Public Forums on Affiliation Options to be held in Nov.
Our church will hold three Public Forums on Wider Church Affiliation based on
the three possible affiliations that the congregation asked the Elders to explore
further on September 30.  Dates for these Public Forums will be listed soon.

How to prepare for th
ese meetings?

1. Research all of the affiliation options listed below. Links to each denomination
or association website are provided.
2. Pray about each option. Where is the Lord leading us? This is Christ's
Church. The Holy Spirit will provide us with guidance for our future direction if we
let Him.
3. List strengths and weaknesses for each affiliation option, along with any
questions or concerns that you want to raise about the affiliation options in the
Public Forum.
each of the three Public Forums. Come with an open mind. Listen with
attentive ears of what others have to say. Let the Holy Spirit have the space to
provide wisdom for discernment and consensus. Remember we are seeking
Christ's direction, and not our will be done, for the future and ministry of Christ's
holy Church here in Scotland, SD.

Affiliation options:

Evangelical Association of Reformed & Congregational Christian

(Our church sought help from this association of former UCC churches to find a
pastor 7 years ago. This is the only affiliation option on the list that provides
resources for the German Congregational heritage. 98% of the churches are
former UCC congregations. Friedens Reformed Church in Tripp, SD is a
member church.)

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference |

(This denomination was originally founded by English Congregational Churches.
Salem Reformed Church, Menno, SD and Parkston Congregational Church,
Parkston, SD have joined this denomination in recent years.)

Reformed Church in America |
(This denomination stems from the Dutch Reformed tradition.  While keeping
with the Reformed heritage, the denomination is in full communion with the
United Church of Christ denomination.