Scotland United Church of Christ
Merge with Jesus  |  Scotland, South Dakota
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Scotland United Church of Christ
"a united Reformed & German Congregational church family"

Address: 350 Williams Street, PO Box 373, Scotland, SD 57059

Office Phone: (605) 583-4187

Office Email:


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Our church is historically and loosely affiliated with the United Church of Christ,
liberal mainline denomination formed in 1957 with the merger of the Evangelical
& Reformed Church and the Congregational Christian Churches.  Local churches
in the UCC are autonomous in faith and practice from the National Church.  Our
congregation differs in belief and practice from the National Church on a number
core issues with regards to doctrine and social issues.
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Weekend Schedule

9:30 am            Worship | Live Stream

10:30 am         Bible Discovery Zone & Adult Elective Classes


Weddings & Building Rental

Our church is available for church member and community weddings and other usage.  We celebrate
Christian marriage as defined by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible in
Matthew 19:4-6 as being only
between one man and one woman. Download more information below to learn how to schedule a
wedding at our church or to reserve the building for other family occasions.  If you still have questions,
contact the church office via the contact information listed above.

Scotland UCC Wedding Policy

Scotland UCC Building Rental Agreement

Our pastor is affiliated with the Evangelical Association of Reformed
& Congregational Christian Churches (EA), a national, evangelical,
post-denominational network of pastors and churches formed in 1998
from Reformed, Christian, Evangelical and Congregational historic faith
traditions, whose purpose is to help develop healthy, missional churches
for Kingdom advancement.